Indiana Department of Insurance Settlement

Title Insurance Policy Refund Redemption Program

In accordance with the terms of a program approved in a settlement by the Indiana Department of Insurance (the “Program”), this site transmits a refund request for a purchaser of a First American Title Insurance Company (“First American”) residential owner’s policy or a residential refinance loan policy (the “Policy Purchaser”).  As part of the Program, First American has been authorized to provide a refund in the amount of $100.00 in connection with an Indiana residential real estate transaction, up to a Program cap of $4,054,100.00 (the “Program Maximum”).  Only one refund is permitted per real estate transaction.


Receipt of a refund under the Program does not alter or affect the title insurance policy on your home.


Submitting your Policy Refund Request

Prior to sending a policy refund request from this site, please be sure the request includes the following information as to the transaction and the request’s proposed refund payee(s):


  • Transaction information: To review the refund request, First American will require the file number, property address, closing date, the title company’s identity, and the name(s) of the Policy Purchaser(s) associated with the transaction. The refund notice or the transaction’s settlement statement may include this information.
  • Policy Purchaser(s) role: Select whether the Policy Purchaser(s) were the borrower, purchaser, and/or seller in the transaction;
  • Consumer contact information: Provide an email address and phone number for confirmation and correspondence about a submitted refund request; and
  • Check shipment address: To send any refund check associated with a submitted refund request, provide an address for where that refund check should be mailed.


Please note that the Program does not permit First American to issue refunds in excess of the Program Maximum. When First American has issued refunds aggregating the Program Maximum prior to processing and honoring a redemption request, the outstanding request submission will NOT result in any refund. First American urges submission of refund redemption requests immediately in order to improve a consumer’s chance of receiving a refund. For any questions, contact the Indiana Refund Program Administrator at or 866.512.1327.


Refund Request Form

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